Why is my dog coughing?

Is your dog hacking and coughing? Many times, this is not a good sign and is keeping both you and your dog up at night. Sometimes this is just due to allergies and not as serious. There are a few at home things you can try to help your coughing dog. If your dog continues to cough and does not get better, you should make an appointment to see your vet.

Why is my dog coughing?

These are some of the most common reasons that your dog may be coughing

  • Allergies: many dogs will have seasonal allergies and may be coughing and sneezing. These dogs usually are eating and drinking and acting just fine other than a mild cough. They also are not coughing up anything.
  • Heart disease: As dogs get older their heart does not work as well. This can cause fluid to build up around their lungs causing them to cough. This cough is usually worse at night or first thing in the morning. They also may have difficulty breathing
  • Pneumonia: if your dog has an infection in their respiratory system that is left untreated this can lead to pneumonia. This infection in your dog lungs will make them cough and many time they will cough up white foam or mucus. .
  • Asthma: Dogs and cats can get asthma just like with people. These dogs will have a wheezing cough that can occur throughout the day. Dogs with asthma can be prescribe cough medication that they can take every day to help decrease their cough and help them breath much better.

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What will my vet do for my coughing dog?

Your vet can listen to your dog’s heart and lungs and help determine the cause of the cough. They can also take x rays to see if your dog has any issues with their heart or lungs. They will also be able to prescribe antibiotics, and other medications to help with the coughing.

What can I do at home for my dog with a cough?

There are some over the counter antihistamines and cough medications that are safe for dogs. Some of these medications also include other medications such as Tylenol that are not safe for dogs. If you are going to give your dog an over-the-counter medication for their cough it is best to consult a veterinarian first.

Many times giving your dog an anti-histamine and allowing them to come into the bathroom with hot steam from the shower can help with mild coughing.

If your dog continues to cough, it is best that your dog sees your vet as soon as possible. Many respiratory issues and coughing can get very bad very quickly. If you have any questions on your dog coughing and need advice, please reach out to one of our vets.

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