How Can You Keep Your Hyperactive Kitten Busy?

Everyone who’s owned a kitten will vouch for the fact that these are the most adorable pets ever! These little ones have lots of energy, and you won’t find them sitting in the same position for more than a few minutes (at the most!).

But, their hyperactive behavior can also be a big problem for the owners. You may find your little pet constantly running here and there, knocking things over, scratching curtains, and gnawing on anything they could get! Also, their energy levels seem to increase at night, so you can’t be sure if they will tear your house down while you are asleep.

Therefore, distracting them with other things is an excellent way of calming down the hyperactive kitten. If you are wondering how to do so, here are a few ways you can try out.

Use A Cardboard Box

Keep Your Hyperactive Kitten Busy

We all have empty cardboard boxes lying around somewhere in the house, and these seemingly useless things are perfect for your hyperactive kitten. Your little kitty is sure to have a great time jumping in and out of the box or simply moving it around. They might even use it as a hiding place. This is perhaps the simplest way to keep the little troublemaker busy, especially when you aren’t in the house.

Of course, they won’t take much time to demolish the cardboard box – be it through rough playing or simply chewing a part of it. But that isn’t a big problem, as you wouldn’t need the box anyway. And the best part, your kitten will have no time to divert its attention to other pieces of furniture, so your sofa and chair legs will probably be safe for the time being.

Play With Them

Keep Your Hyperactive Kitten Busy

Kittens are playful creatures, and they love getting attention from their owners. You can try playing with them for some time every day to prevent them from using their energy in destructive behavior. Your kitten is sure to be calmer after a good play session and go to sleep without much trouble.

Try bringing out their hunting instinct by attaching a string to a toy and moving it around. The kitten will happily stalk, chase, and try to pounce on it until they are tired. You could also do the same with a ball – just roll it away from them gently and watch them chase after it.

You can also try to stimulate their minds with some interesting games. For example, get them a food puzzle toy and fill it with their favorite treats. Your little kitten will be busy trying to figure out how to get the treats, giving you some time to relax. You could also play a treasure hunt game with your cats by hiding treats in different parts of the room and encouraging them to find those treats.

Add Some Cat Furniture Around The House

We all know that it’s nearly impossible to keep your kitten away from every piece of furniture in the house. But, giving them their own furniture is an excellent way of safeguarding the actual furniture you have.

You could get them a cat tree (YouTube has several DIY videos on them) they use both for sleeping and playing. Many cat trees are available in the market with several features to keep the kitten engaged. This will keep them off from climbing your shelves and knocking things off them. If your kitten likes to scratch on the wooden furniture, plants, curtains, or carpets, you could also consider buying them a scratching post.

Of course, your kitty will not suddenly stop attacking other furniture once you get them one of their own. You need to slowly train them to direct their energy towards these specific items while leaving your tables and chairs alone.

Give Them Their Window Observation Post

Keep Your Hyperactive Kitten Busy

Kittens are highly curious and love observing everything from a distance. Try putting up a piece of furniture near the window which they can easily climb up. You would find them spending hours sitting there and watching the world outside. Of course, make sure that the window isn’t left open, or your kitten could fall off while trying to explore. Also, don’t put any items on the observation post you have created for the cat or all of them will end up on the floor, probably broken.

Make it a habit to open the blinds before leaving for any work. The chances are that your little pet will be so engrossed in watching what’s going on outside that they won’t embark on searching for things to demolish.

Adopt Another Kitten

Keep Your Hyperactive Kitten Busy

The hyperactive behavior of a kitten may not always be because of their instinct. Cats can be hyper even if they feel bored. Although playing with your cat can rid it of boredom, that’s a temporary solution. Your kitten will soon start looking for other things to do once you’re not paying them attention.

Getting them a companion is an excellent way of preventing destructive behavior that results from boredom. You could bring home another feline friend for your kitten so that they don’t feel lonely anymore. Of course, make sure that you introduce both the animals to each other slowly and under supervision. If they don’t show each other any hostile behavior, you can relax and let them get familiar.

Being with their own kind from an early age will also help develop their social skills. You need to provide proper training to your little pets, though. Otherwise, you could end up having to deal with two destructive animals instead of one!

Summing Up

Kittens are naturally hyperactive – they love exploring everything around the house from up close. But, distracting them from wreaking havoc on the things in the room need not be too difficult. Since kittens engage in destructive behavior when they have lots of pent-up energy, tiring them out through different games is the easiest way. You could also try the other tips mentioned above to keep your furry little one happily engaged.

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