How To Keep Cats Away From Plants?

Adding some indoor plants is a lovely way to make your home feel cozier. But if you have a pet cat, you can’t be sure of how long the plant will survive before your little feline decides to check out that new addition to the house.

There can be several reasons why a cat chooses to chew your indoor plants. They might try a few leaves out of plain curiosity, and if they like the taste, they may go back for more. Also, the movement of the leaves can bring out their hunting instinct. Just like they attack any moving ball or toy, they might try to get hold of the swaying leaves too.

But that’s not all – some cats are more attracted by the soft soil in the planter than the plant itself. They might not chew on the plant but instead go on to dig up the soil, leaving dirt all over the room for you to clean up.

No matter the reason, saving the indoor plants from your pet isn’t too tricky. Here are some easy tips that will help you keep your cat away from the houseplants.

Tips To Safeguard Your Indoor Plants From Your Cat

Cats, being curious creatures, are sure to check out every new item you bring into the house, and this includes any indoor plants as well. But by following the below-mentioned tips, you can keep them away from destroying the greenery that decorate your house.

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Use A Spray To Ward Them Off

Cats don’t like strong smells. So even if your plant isn’t of the strong-smelling variety, you can easily make it one! Just mix the juice of citrus fruits like lemons or oranges with water in a spray bottle and spritz it over the houseplants. The strong smell is sure to deter your cat from coming too close to the plants.

If this does not work, try using cayenne pepper on the plant leaves. Once your cat gets a taste of the hot pepper while trying to chew the leaves, they are sure to leave the plant alone. Be moderate with the quality of pepper you use, though, as too much of it can hurt your little pet.

Try The Distraction Method

If keeping your cat away from the plants seems too difficult, using a few of them as sacrificial units can be a good idea. You could bring in a few small plants that cats particularly like and place them in locations away from the main indoor plants to distract your cats from attacking the latter.

Plants like Catnip, Cat Thyme, etc., are good choices as they are non-toxic. Moreover, cats love chewing on them. You could try placing some of these in places that the cat can easily access and hope that they leave the other plants alone.

Go For Plants That Cats Hate

Another way you can keep your cat from chewing on the plants is by getting ones that they dislike. Scaredy Cat Plant, lavender, etc., are some cat repellent herbs that look good indoors. The plants also have strong odors, which keep cats from messing with them.

In addition, you can also get some unfriendly plants like cactuses and roses. While these beautiful plants are sure to make your indoors look great, the thorns are enough to keep away cats.

Cover The Soil With Rocks Or Pebbles

Cats Away From Plants

Sometimes, cats may not be interested in chewing up the plant’s leaves. Instead, they might try digging up the soil within the pots, leaving a dirty mess in the room. They may also use the pot as their litter box, and that’s not a behavior you would like to encourage.

So firstly, make sure you clean your cat’s litter box regularly and place it in an easily accessible place. If that does nothing to deter your cat from littering on the indoor plants, covering up the soil can be a good idea. There are a variety of things you can use. For example, try placing smooth rocks and pebbles on the surface while leaving a bit of space for water to seep in. You can also try using decorative glass or pinecones for a more decorative look.

Alternatively, you can also cover the pot’s base with a mesh fabric to prevent your feline from reaching the soil.

Place Your Plants Out Of Their Reach

Altering the placement of your plants can help keep your kitty off them. Instead of placing them on shelves or the ground, use wall-mounted planters to hold the indoor plants. Alternatively, you can go for hanging planters too. Along with keeping pets off, it also makes your house’s interior look stylish.

But in both cases, make sure that there’s no shelf or furniture nearby, or your cat can take its help to jump onto the planters.

Training May Also Help

While it may take time, it’s possible to train your cat to stay away from the houseplants. Of course, you will need a lot of patience. But with consistent effort, you can redirect your cat to alternative activities. Make sure you stock up on treats though, as that will motivate your cat to listen to your instructions better. With proper training, your cat will learn to avoid chewing the houseplants, thus saving you a lot of trouble.

Summing up

No matter what method you are using, there is a high chance that your cat may get close to the indoor plants at some point. Therefore, you need to ensure that none of your plants are harmful to the pet. Try avoiding plants like lilies, aloe vera, chrysanthemum, etc. While these plants are harmless for humans, they can be toxic for cats and other pets. It’s easy for your cat to get poisoned or ill by chewing on these.

And even if you do have any of the above, make sure you place it somewhere your feline friend cannot easily reach. Because at the end of the day, the health of your pet matters the most!

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