French Bulldogs: A Display of Adoration

Small, snub-nosed with bat-like ears and a large personality, French bulldogs are very affectionate and loyal companions. Known for their intimate connection with humans, these dogs have a rich and colorful history dating back to the 1800s.

This breed was created by English lacemakers in France who wanted a lap dog. French bulldogs became extremely popular as the industrial revolution took over due to their loveable and intelligent personalities.

A French Bulldog, Gamin de Pycombe, is known to have gone down with the Titanic.

We love the French Bulldog for its sweet cartoon-like features and fun, outgoing nature. Their gentle demeanor and love for affection make them great companions.

This blog explores how a French Bulldog shows love.

The Many Ways a French Bulldog Shows Love

While the Frenchie doesn’t have an expressive face, it does have its way of displaying affection for others.

Even though every dog is different, below are seven common ways a French Bulldog shows love.

French Bulldogs
  1. They wiggle their butt at you: Wiggling their butt at you is the biggest sign of love. As funny as it looks, it’s a sign that their love knows no bounds. This trait is very similar to a dog wagging its tail, and since French bulls have stubby tails, they use their butt as an expression.
    Their body is small and chubby, so they often shake it when they see you.
  1. They are always ready for a cuddle: They would cuddle with you all day if they could. These dog breeds love to be around humans.
    And while you’re cuddling, don’t forget to give them a belly rub. Showing you their tummy means that they feel content and safe around you.
  1. They love to share: Frenchies show love by bringing you things. Apart from toys, they will also bring wooden sticks, plants, petals, and even your shoes to chew on with them. Cheeky!
    The point of bringing their favorite stuff to you is Frenchie’s way of including you in their life and indicating that you are their friend.
  1. They always want to be near you: French bulldogs constantly want to be close to you because they love you. They will often move close to touch you or lay a part of their body next to yours.
    This is not an attention-seeking tactic, but they genuinely feel loved and comforted in your presence.
    Expect to be followed every time you get up to leave the room.

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French Bulldogs
  1. They yawn when you yawn: Have you noticed your dog yawning as you yawn? This is a sign that they are content.
    Contagious yawning is a biological response triggered by natural empathy. Studies indicate that dogs do the same thing.
  1. They love to kiss: Frenchies love giving big, sloppy kisses. Many owners try to train their Frenchies not to, but it is their way of showing love. If you’d like to be extra careful, you can start brushing their teeth for hygiene concerns.
    Talking about sloppy kisses, do you know why French bulldogs lick so much?
    For French bulldogs, licking is one of the ways to show affection. This is a habit that puppies pick up from their mother; when the Mama French bulldog licks her puppy in care, she releases dopamine and endorphins.
  1. They grin out of love: Since they don’t have a very expressive face, with Frenchies, you have to be tuned in to notice their grin. A slight smile means they are really happy and excited about something. It is one of the learned behaviors through which they show love.


French Bulldogs are very passionate, loyal, and needy regarding physical touch. They want to spend time with you, cuddle, kiss, and follow you everywhere.

But this also means they can become attached quickly and suffer separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your French Bulldogs’ behavior, you can download PetMyPal. This application allows you to connect virtually with a licensed vet for non-emergency concerns, saving you a trip to the clinic.

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