Ear Infections in dogs

Does your dog’s ears smell or are you noticing a black discharge from their ears? This is commonly the first signs of ear infections. While there are things that you can do at home to help prevent these ear infections sometimes no matter how hard you try your dog is going to end up with an ear infection.

What is the cause of ear infections in dogs?

These are a few of the common causes of ear infection

  • Allergies:If your dog has seasonal allergies, they can also get ear infections during this time. Many times, treating their allergies can also help treat the ear infection
  • Ear mites: If you just adopted a dog from the shelter, they can have ear mites. These pesky little bugs can cause inflammation and infection in your dog’s ears. If your dog has ear mites the discharge will be black and crusty.
  • Water in their ears: if your dog loves to swim or gets a bath often they can get water in their ears. This water can help provide the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow and thrive.
  • Water in their ears: Some dog breeds are just way more prone to ear infections than other. Dogs with long floppy ears, or dogs who have hair that commonly grows in their ear are more prone to ear infections than dogs whose ears stand up straight.

Many times, when you figure out what is causing your dog to have an ear infection you and quickly and easily help treat and prevent these infections.

What do I need to do if my dog has an ear infection?

Many times, you can do a few things to help with ear infections in your dog such as:

  • Cleaning their ears: If your dog has chronic ear issues, it is best to clean their ears once a week or more often if needed. Your vet can prescribe your dog ear wash, or you can find some at your local pet store.
  • Applying ear drops: There are over the counter ear drops that can help prevent ear infection. These can commonly be found at the pet store.
  • Fully drying their ears after they get wet: if your dog goes for a swim or get a bath, fully dry their ears when they are done. You can even put a few cotton balls in the opening of the ear to help prevent water from entering the ears when you are bathing them.
  • Remove all hair from their ears: Over the counter anti-histamines can help decrease inflammation in dogs who have ear infections due to allergies.
  • Give them allergy medication: Over the counter anti-histamines can help decrease inflammation in dogs who have ear infections due to allergies.

If you are having issues with your dog’s ears starting an ear maintenance routine will help prevent them from developing ear infections. If you have any questions about your dog’s ears and would like specialized advice on your pet, speak with one of our vets.

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