Do French Bulldogs Shed?

With their charming round faces, petite stature, and distinctive bat-like ears, French Bulldogs are a popular breed choice among pet owners. These pups make great family pets and are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly demeanor. However, one important question often arises for those considering adding a French Bulldog to their household: “Do French Bulldogs shed?

The short answer would be, “yes”; French Bulldogs do shed. However, compared to many other breeds, they are considered low-shedders. Shedding in French Bulldogs can be influenced by various factors, including their genetics, environment, and overall health. If you’re a concerned pet parent wondering how to manage your French Bulldog’s shedding, you’ve come to the right place.

When considering getting a French Bulldog as a pet, one of potential pet parents’ top concerns is the amount of shedding they can expect from this breed. Understanding the shedding behavior of your Frenchie is important as it can help you manage their grooming needs effectively. Regular grooming is essential for your pet’s health and well-being and can help minimize the amount of shedding in your home.

In this article, we’ll provide all the details about French Bulldog shedding you need to know as a responsible pet parent. So, let’s dive in together and explore the world of French Bulldog shedding!

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot?

French Bulldogs Shed

French Bulldogs do not shed much compared to other breeds, but they still do. Frenchies are considered low-shedders. However, shedding in French Bulldogs can vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Seasonal changes
  • Age
  • Diet

Understanding Your Frenchie’s Coat

French Bulldogs Shed

To better manage shedding, it is important to understand their coat. French Bulldogs have a short, smooth coat that is easy to maintain but a fine undercoat that sheds throughout the year. This undercoat helps regulate body temperature, and shedding is affected by changes in climate.

As a pet parent, it’s essential to understand your Frenchie’s unique coat and take measures to manage shedding.

Tips for Managing Shedding in Your Frenchie

French Bulldogs Shed

Although shedding is a natural process, there are several ways to manage it. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

  1. Grooming: Regular grooming is crucial in managing your Frenchie’s shedding. Brushing your pup’s coat once or twice a week can help remove loose hair and prevent matting. Use a soft-bristled brush or a rubber curry comb to remove the loose fur. Bathing is just as important as brushing. Washing helps release loose hair and will keep the coat healthy by removing excess oil and buildup. Remember to use a dog-friendly shampoo.
  2. Healthy Diet: Providing your Frenchie with a healthy and balanced diet can make a difference. Ensure their food contains all the nutrients for a healthy coat, such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.
  3. Proper Hydration: Adequate hydration is essential for healthy skin and coat. Ensure that your Frenchie has access to fresh, clean water.
  4. Regular Vet Checkups: Regular vet checkups can assist you in identifying any underlying health issues that may be causing excessive shedding.

How to Stop Your Frenchie from Shedding

While it’s impossible to stop your Frenchie from shedding completely, there are ways to reduce it. Following the tips mentioned above, such as a regular grooming schedule, a healthy diet, avoid harmful foods, proper hydration, and timely vet checkups, can help keep shedding under control. Additionally, a de-shedding tool can help decrease shedding by removing loose undercoat fur. However, using this tool carefully is important since improper use can damage your Frenchie’s coat.

French Bulldog Shedding: Understanding When Your Frenchie Sheds the Most

French Bulldogs are generally low-shedding dogs, but there are certain times when their shedding increases. One of those times is when they transition from their puppy coat to their adult coat, which typically occurs between 6 to 12 months of age. This will happen irrespective of the weather. You can expect your French Bulldog to shed more than usual during this period. As they grow, their coat becomes more dense and full, and this process is accompanied by shedding.

Another period in which you can expect your French Bulldog to shed more than usual is during the seasonal changes in the spring and fall months. Even though French Bulldogs don’t have an undercoat, they will still shed lightly to adjust to the upcoming changes in temperature. It is their body’s natural way of preparing for the warm and cool seasons. However, this seasonal shedding is typically not excessive, and it can be easily managed with regular brushing and grooming.

What Should You Do if Your French Bulldog is Shedding More Than Usual?

If your French Bulldog is shedding more than usual, it may be a cause for concern. While some shedding is normal, excessive shedding could indicate an underlying health issue. You could visit a vet who can examine your dog to determine the cause of this increased shedding.

You can also consider using the PetMyPal application to connect with a vet. This app allows you to consult a licensed vet for non-emergency situations, including concerns about shedding or other wellness issues. Addressing the issue early on can help prevent serious health problems and ensure your furry friend is healthy and happy.


French Bulldogs are a great choice for pet parents looking for a low-shedding dog breed. While they do shed, shedding in Frenchies can be managed with the right grooming and diet practices. Understanding your Frenchie’s unique coat and following the tips in this article can help keep shedding under control. Remember, shedding is a natural process, and with proper care and attention, you can keep your Frenchie’s coat healthy and beautiful. If you are concerned about your pet’s wellness, consider downloading PetMyPal today.

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