Why Is My Cat Chirping Like a Bird?

If you have a vocal cat on your hands, chances are you’ve heard your cat chirping on more than one occasion. Chirping, also called chattering, is a short, shrill, peep-like sound similar to a bird’s. For your feline, these chirps are a way of communicating with you.

There is no exact answer to why your cat vocalizes this way. For example, an excited cat may start trilling when it sees a bird or a mouse.

It’s always funny and strange to hear your cat making such sounds. Let’s take a closer look at why your cat might be doing this.

Cat Chirping Like a Bird

It is happy to see you: Your cat may make this sound out of the sheer happiness and excitement of seeing you. This is one of the cutest ways a cat says hello to its human companion!

It wants your attention: Your cat may also chirp to catch your eye. This could be because it is hungry, thirsty, wants to play, or simply requires your time and attention.

It’s calling its kittens: If your cat is a new mommy, it may chirp to communicate with its kittens. Prepare to get a boost of cuddly cuteness when this happens.

It’s looking at prey: The presence of prey, like birds, is one of the biggest reasons behind your cat’s chirps. This noise is commonly known as twittering or chattering and involves your cat mimicking the prey’s vocals.

At this point, you will notice that their body tenses and focus increases as their inherent hunting skills kick in. Their eyes will dilate, and their backs arch up, poised to hunt.

Playing with toys means that your fluffy pal is having fun and likes the toy!

Cat Chirping Like a Bird

Note: While chirping is not alarming, excessive vocalization may indicate cognitive issues, especially if you have an older cat. Speak to your vet to get your cat checked for dementia.

Chirping is one of the many ways a cat communicates with those around it. Frequency and pitch will vary depending on the cause. Spend time observing your cat to determine the reason.

If you are unsure of how to respond to your cat’s chirping, we have shared a few tips below.

Cat Chirping (Video)

How Should I React to My Cat Chirping?

Cat Chirping Like a Bird

Firstly, remember there is no need to panic. Your cat is probably making these sounds because it is excited to play or just wants your attention!

Try to figure out what it is trying to say. Pet your kitty or offer some food to see what works. This part will become easier once you have understood your feline’s body language.

If your cat’s favorite pastime is chattering by the window, it could be because your cat is excited as well as frustrated to see its prey within reach. This is because your cat’s evolutionary instincts have kicked in, but it cannot practice them. Introducing motion-sensor toys that suspend from a string can help satisfy your cat’s need for hunting and keep it stimulated.

Cat chirping is an adorable yet totally bizarre behavior that you will experience with a feline at home. There is no denying that while this sound is cute and funny, sometimes all you want is a bit of peace and quiet at home.

If your cat’s non-stop chattering has become an inconvenience, there are multiple ways to curb it.

Tips to Limit Chirping

Chirping is usually a positive sign, and if you’d like to learn more about your cat’s behavior, download the PetMyPal app. This app lets you virtually chat with a licensed vet from the comfort of your home. It works well when you have non-emergency queries or concerns regarding one or more pets and need an expert’s guidance on the matter. Multiple subscription plans are available; you can choose one according to your needs.

The cute little chirps are a way for your cat to let you know whether it wants food, is looking for attention, or is simply super-excited! The noise initially seems strange, but you will get used to it. While there is essentially no cause for concern, you can easily curb the chattering if you find it annoying.

Spending more time with your cat will help you understand its body language in a better way. With time, you will be able to tell exactly why your cat is chirping and what it needs. If your cat is suddenly being more vocal than usual, consult your vet to rule out the possibility of dementia.

For any health or wellness concerns, download the PetMyPal app and use our vet chat feature to connect virtually with a vet.

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