5 Claw-esome Beach Vacations for Cat People

Picture it: sand on your feet, a gentle breeze in your hair, the sun shining bright, magnificent blue waters all around; what could be better? The purrfect answer to this may be – all of the above, with plenty of cats to keep you company!

If you adore felines and the ocean, you will surely fall in love with these beach spots. Here’s a list of the five best beach vacations for cat lovers.

Su Pallosu – Sardinia, Italy

Source: https://www.gattisupallosu.org/la-storia-2/

If you fancy a dip in the sea with soft, furry cats, this beautiful beach is the right spot for you! Its picturesque transparent-green water with majestic rocks shaped by the sea waves is a hit with tourists. A colony of cats living right behind it adds to this island’s unadulterated charm. These felines do not shy away from roaming the beach and socializing with tourists!

This cat sanctuary on Sardinia’s western coast is home to approximately 60 cats, which are considered century-old inhabitants of the area. It is said that these cats have been living there since the 20th century and were initially introduced to fight rodent infestation.

A non-profit sanctuary, Associazione Culturale Amici di Su Pallosu, cares for the feline colony, including their medical needs. It also hosts free guided tours that can be booked in advance. This tour also includes visits to a Turtle Ceach and a small geology museum, the Gianni Arzori Mineral Collection.

For cat people, this is the ultimate tourist destination!

Cat Beach Sanctuary – Penang, Malaysia

Source: https://catbeachpenang.com/gallery/

Great food and lots of furballs around make traveling even more fun! Penang, Malaysia, is known for its otherworldly cuisine and beautiful cat beach sanctuary.

For cat lovers, this beach with friendly felines is the ultimate deal!

In Teluk Bahang’s fishing village, the Cat Beach Sanctuary accommodates more than 300 cats. Managed by Cat Lovers International Society, a non-profit organization, this sanctuary houses Penang’s stray and oppressed cats and looks after their medical requirements.

It was established to provide a home to strays after the no-stray policy in Penang and has quickly become a cat lover’s paradise with a lovely beach and ample opportunities to play with kitties! You can interact with the cats in different ways, such as feeding them, attending workshops that teach you how to make cat toys, and even grooming the cats under the watchful eyes of professionals. You can also take home the unique experience of visiting a kitten nursery. The best part is that if you wish to take home a cat or kitten along with the memories, you can apply for adoption through the organization.

Tashirojima Island, Japan

Source: @dnesviem.sk

Tashirojima Island in Japan is home to more cats than humans. Also known as “Cat Island,” this spot is famous for treating felines like royalty (who wouldn’t?) The natives of this island regard cats as a symbol of good luck and feed and care for these felines.

With less than 100 inhabitants, this cat island is the ultimate getaway for people looking for peace and quiet.

The most extraordinary spot is a small cat shrine on the island, built to memorialize a cat killed accidentally.

Source: https://rove.me/to/japan/aoshima-cat-island?gallery

Another cat-friendly destination in Japan is Aoshima Island, where about 160 cats live in harmony. A tourist boat visits this island daily for 45 minutes, giving humans and the kitties significant time to play and have fun! It also has a cat-themed resort, open from April to October for cat lovers! Isn’t that incredible?

St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

One of the most popular beaches in Melbourne, St Kilda is a tourist haven with multiple activities, including volleyball, beach cricket, water sports, and swimming!

This cat-friendly beach is perfect for bringing your fur baby along. The western side of the beach is a restricted area for wildlife corridors, but cats are free to roam everywhere else.

Other great tourist attractions at St Kilda are the local Fairy Penguins at the pier, Luna Park, and Acland Street, with various food options.

So, unleash your travel enthusiast and visit this exciting beach spot!

Syros, Greece

Source: https://www.greeka.com/cyclades/syros/sightseeing/

This remote and enchanting island in Greece is great for a beach vacation if you prefer calm spots and kitties around. With fewer crowds than the more popular islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros, this place is a hit amongst couples and families.

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Home to God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary, Syros offers a great chance to spend time with cats and explore the beauty of this Greek island.

From serene beaches, stunning views, and great town architecture, this holiday destination is a haven for tourists! Add the benefit of having access to a cat sanctuary offering adoption services, and this place becomes furr-tastic for cat lovers!

Next time you plan a trip with your kitty or just want to travel to a spot for an endless dose of furry cuteness, keep these beach destinations on your list!

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